Building for FreeBSD

NOTE - Once the packages are in the FreeBSD main ports this guide should be changed to something much more simple

Install the ports manually

For some of this steps you must require a root access to modify the ports directory.

The webthree-umbrella depends on [libjson-rpc-cpp.shar]( that is also not in the ports system.

First you need to download the shar file and place it on your ports directory under the “devel” session, usually /usr/ports/devel

curl > /usr/ports/devel/libjson-rpc-cpp.shar

Now we execute the script with:

cd /usr/ports/devel
sh libjson-rpc-cpp.shar

This will create the libjson-rpc-cpp port. Now you should do the same for the webthree-umbrella port, we should get the [webthree-umbrella]( file and create the port under “net-p2p” directory.

curl> /usr/ports/net-p2p/webthree-umbrella.shar
cd /usr/ports/net-p2p
sh webthree-umbrella.shar

Build and Install

Now you can navigate to the webthree-umbrella directory and install the port:

cd /usr/ports/net-p2p/webthree-umbrella
make install clean